Non Denominational Church Charlotte NC

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Attention First Time Visitors

Welcome to kingdom life christian fellowship online community,we are a Non Denominational
Church Charlotte NC. We at KLCF believe that Jesus died on the cross for you can have
everlasting life. There's no need for sickness,lack, poverty,depression and etc. kingdom
life christian fellowship is a loving church that loves God people, if you are looking to
take your life to the next level we invite you to our Sunday Service.
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About us

Kingdom Life Christian Fellowship was headed up and started by Dr. Ty King in 1998. KLCF
is a faith teaching, bible believing church! We walk by faith and live by faith according
to biblical principles. KLCF is a fellowship like no other. Our purpose is to be there for
you, to teach precise and accurate knowledge.

We do this so that you may understand the word of God with
simplicity. At KLCF we deal Real life, real people, living in a real

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